James Sullivan

After receiving estimates from three paving companies in the DC-Northern Va area for our home and our neighbors, I called H&H Paving. They were prompt to schedule an on-site estimate. On the day of the estimate, the individual who provided the estimate called as a courtesy to inform my wife and me that he would be on-time. There was no guessing about when (or whether) he would be there. His estimate was competitive, but what really convinced me to select H&H was his confidence that the H&H team would address a unique problem that we had and their commitment to schedule to complete the work within a week.

On the day of the repaving project, the H&H office staff called to tell us their paving team would be on time. The team started the project within 5 minutes of the scheduled appointment. The H&H was led by a foreman who has 30 years with the company. Other employees had 25 years with the company. The team worked together in a choreography that was efficient and professional. After they completed the repaving project, they cleaned up any residual material. Impressive from start (scheduling) to finish.