Mark S.

Here’s why: Thorough Evaluation: My small driveway was beset with drainage complications. When Jerry came out to look at the job, he took a lot of time to make a careful assessment of the things that could go wrong and to discuss the possible solutions. Scheduling: The job was completed on the day it had been scheduled for. Communication: I received a call from Sarah in the office a day ahead of time confirming the schedule. Because it rained for the past 15 days, I received another call from Jerry on the day of the paving to discuss what we might do if, after removing the old asphalt, we found the ground too wet. Crew: The only two guys whose names I knew were Todd and Domingo and they were both great. They actually got into a constructive argument about the best way to attack the job due to the drainage issues. In the end, they sorted it out and collaborated to my benefit. The other guys in the crew were all hard-working and attentive to detail. Quality: My driveway looks awesome. I could not be happier.