Fred V.

Access to our entire 23 townhouse community and parking area relies on the active use of a private asphalt road. Heavy garbage trucks, delivery vehicles and an endless stream of private vehicles had thoroughly broken down and deeply potholed our tired, 36 year old, paved road.

After having interviewed several highly reputable paving contractors from Virginia and Maryland, our community selected H&H Paving. Their fair pricing, reputation for excellence, top notch equipment, skilled crew and scheduling flexibility simply out shined the competition. Jerry Holbrook, H&H’s founder and company president, personally came out and inspected our proposed 40,000+ square foot road way. Jerry made careful observations of critical rainwater drainage issues, proposed excellent recommendations and offered a variety of sound engineering repaving options to our community Board. H&H’s modestly priced job proposal, uniquely tailored to fit our community’s specific needs and concerns, was professionally presented.

Jerry patiently awaited several months for our Board’s consideration and delayed formal response. Once approved (in modified fashion), Jerry agreed and his crew prepared to spring into action. The entire project was beautifully completed in one (1) single day, through the use of careful planning, heavy duty equipment and abundant skilled manpower.

Perfect results and complete customer satisfaction… we highly recommend H&H Paving Asphalt Specialist!